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The final series arrives in the 2017 Optimist European Championship of Bourgas

The qualifying round is closed and the gold, silver and bronze groups are defined for the fleet of boys and gold and silver for the fleet of girls. Third day that has been marked by the discard that has led to changes in the overall classification.

In the boys' fleet the new leader is Can Erturk from Turkia(2-1) who finishes the qualifying round with 8 points. The 2nd place is for Blake Wilson (AUS) with 13 points, the same that Ioannis-Christos Mouzakis (GRE) has obtained 3rd place.

Donna Mazzucchelli (ARG) continues to lead the fleet of girls. Today he has won both tests, so he adds three partial wins. Two representatives of Germany occupy the 2nd and 3rd place. Cosima Schlueter has 11 points, while Katharina Schwachhofer adds 28 points after the qualifying round in which six race have been completed.

Tomorrow, Friday August 4, begins the final series for the fleets of boys and girls. Two days before, in which four races are planned in total.

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The title of champion of Europe will be decided in the last day The fourth day of the 2017 Optimist European championship in Bourgas closes with the top group in the both Boy and Girl gold fleets close enough that it is anyone’s game tomorrow on who will be crowned the Overall European champions or the 2017 Optimist European Champion. In the Girls Fleet, Donna Mazzucchelli is one day away from taking the overall title at the 2017 Optimist European Championship. She currently has a total of 19 points and has a 21 point lead ahead of the second overall Comisa Schlueter(GER) . The battle for the 2017 European Champion in the Girls Fleet is between Schlueter and India Page-Wood (GBR), as well as Asli Akbeiz (TUR), Johanna Schmidt (AUT) and Kathatina Schachhofer who only have a a spread of 3 points between them. Anyone of these sailors could be on the 2017 European Podium tomorrow as they are only a few points away from one another after the two races today. In the Boys Fleet the point spread between the top three places is only 6 points with only 2 points between the first and the second place overall . Stefan Yuill (SRB) is the leader with 17 points, followed by Can Erturk (TUR), the leader heading into the finals, with 19 points, while Igor Kuczys (POL), third, is close behind with 23 points. Tomorrow, Saturday, August 5, the last day of the European Championship in Bourgas, with two races planned.

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Ioannis-Christos Mouzakis (GRE) and Donna Mazzucchelli (ARG), news leaders in the 2017 Optimist European Championship after the second day in Bourgas

The second day of qualifying races in the 2017 Optimist European Championship in Bourgas, Bulgaria, has closed with two additional races. It was a less windy day, with a slight delay in the start of the first race, but ended up with magnificent conditions (8-12 knots) offering very technical races that introduced new leaders in the Boys and Girls fleets.

In the Boys Fleet, Ioannis-Christos Mouzakis (GRE) is the new leader after the two races completed today for a total of 7 points. Ioannis-Christos had finishes of 2nd and 1st respectively and is now followed by yesterday's leader Santiago Palkin (ARG) who had a 6th place and 2nd place today to finish up with 10 points, Blake Wilson (AUS), who sailed well to get a 1st & 5th today, is third overall with the same total points score as Palkin. Only 8 points separate the top 6 competitors in the Boy's Fleet.

Donna Mazzucchelli (ARG) is the new leader in the Girls Fleet. Mazzucchelli completed the two races today with 1st and 3rd place finishes for a total sum of 7 points. Cosima Schlueter (GER) is only 1 point behind Mazzucchelli after finishing with a 3rd and 2nd place today for a total of 8 points. 8 points back in 3rd place overall is Alsi Akbeniz (TUR) having finished 7th and 4th for a total of 16 points.

Tomorrow, August 3rd, is the third day of the qualifying series with two races scheduled for the Boy's Yellow, Blue and Red Fleets and the Girl's Yellow and Blue Fleets.





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